Monday, 11 August 2014

Through The Latest Software Updates, Mobile Messaging at MIUI Xiaomi Cloud So Optional Features

Xiaomi lightning success that can get rid of various other companies to occupy the position as the largest smartphone vendor in the world to-5 clearly made ​​many curious. Their ability to release a flagship-class products but at a price far below the average of the various parties have made speculated that Xiaomi has staked user's personal data and upload it to the server Xiaomi, without the user's knowledge.

Given some time ago there was a product of lower-priced clones Galaxy S4 yet been equipped with a built-in malware to steal personal user data, it is understandable if the other users worry about Xiaomi if a similar practice is not it?

To respond to this, Xiaomi has finally released a software update in response to the concerns of the users. Through this update, users are no longer forced to have to use messaging services Mi Cloud by default:

"Given our priorities during this adalam protect data and user privacy, so we decided to make the Cloud services MIUI Messaging an optional service and can no longer be activated automatically when the user activates his mobile phone," - Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is currently located at the moment which is very important for their growth, in line with its efforts to enter new markets in developing countries. After being criticized because they are considered misleading advertising customers, the decision to change the system Xiaomi MIUI activation in Cloud Messaging is believed to reduce the fears of prospective customers who previously were not sure of the Xiaomi products.

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