Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 health benefits of waking up early

There are many people who work at night and do not get used up early. Though waking up early to have some distinct benefits, especially for health. Here are some of the benefits of waking up in the morning, as reported by Inspyr.

Full Explanation About Google Adsense

About google adsense is important to talk about. After you successfully build and run a web site or blog, the next step is you can choose one type of source of income from the internet, one of which is the program ppc (pay perclick) offered by the google adsense.

About Google Adsense That What?
Google adsense can be defined as the provision of services such as party advertising or advertising that could be used as a source of income through PPC programs. How to get that income is to put google adsense ads on your web site or blog, then if any of your site visitors click on the ads that have been installed on your site then each clique that you will get a commission from the google adsense.

As already explained above that the google adsense is as parties to a PPC program. The program is one way of sharing business profits. Through google adsense ads will benefit in the form of relief spread of ads on the site are qualified to register as an agent in google adsense ppc, whereas for site owners who put google adsense ads will benefit a given commission for each click of the visitor as income. Thus the discussion about google adsense.

Type Display Advertising About Google Adsense
Type of service google adsense ads on there very diverse variations. There is a banner, text, images, videos, feeds, or there is also a search box. The ads are highly automated appearance later on when you put it on your site. So nature is contextual, adjust the blog content.

If for example there is a blog about the internet world contains, the ads appear google chrome logo image or sometimes also turn into a relation with a text ad on the Internet, such as software and so forth.

About Google Adsense term Must be Understood
The following are words that you will often encounter when you join Google Adsense and this is very important to understand by your status as adsense publishers:

AdSense for Feeds
Type adsense ad is no relation and advertising relating to atomic and RSS Feeds. So, your adsense ads for these feeds will appear only on the page RSS and Atom Feeds. Sites like yahoo news or other feeds.

AdSense for search
Adsense advertising this type system works is you as the owner of the web site or blog must install the google search box that serves as Adsense for Search, page or sidebar of your site. So, if there will be a visitor of your site and take advantage of the search box, then necessarily the google will bring up a paid ad from google adsense on the search results page. If the person who visited to click on the adsense ads, then automatically you as a web site or blog owner will be given a commission by google. The amount of commission given very diverse, depending on the quality of your site.

AdSense for Content
This term contains the intent that the google adsense ads are embedded in the page or sidebar of your site to appear by adjusting the content of a web site or blog. For example: your site contains topics about buying and selling mobile phones, then Google AdSense ads will appear with the appearance of which has to do with mobile phones. This type of advertising is in the form of Ad Units and Link Units.

Adsense For Domains
Type adsense ads is devoted for those who feel they have a domain but it is not optimized, then it is better to follow this kind of adsense ads. Later the system was going to insert google adsense ads on your domains page, you have the domain will lead visitors from your domain to google adsense, if a visitor clicks on the ad means you will be able to get a commission from google adsense. The more clicks, the larger the commission that you received successfully.

This channel serves to provide news and information about the intricacies of working systems adsense ads on a web site or blog. This facility is intentionally provided by the google adsense, like Link Units, Ad Units or also for search. If you do the activation on a web site or blog, then the channel will provide news about domain names and the amount per click and number of impressions, so it is expected to evaluate the performance of your web site or blog that is inserted channel is run with ease.

Page Impressions
Page describes the number of page impressions or pages of your web site or blog that is visited by the Adsense ads. Value is not affected page impressions olehjumlah Ad Units are also fitted on the page.

Clicks this means that the number of visitors who click on the AdSense ads that you have installed on the page or sidebar of your website or blog. So your status as adsense publisher, will be checking how many times a visitor clicks on for a week or a week.

CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
CTR is defined as the ratio between the number of clicks on your adsense ads with the advent of the amount of your adsense ads on your website or blog.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
While the definition of the CPC is the amount of commission which is presumed to be obtained you if you have adsense ads is clicked by a visitor plug your blog or website. In this case, the quality of your site will greatly affect the value of the CPC. If your site SEO Friendly it will most likely get a large CPC value.

ECPM (Effective CPM)
eCPM is the cost per 1,000 emergence of your adsense ads. CPM function for those who have put adsense ads are the commissions earned as a comparison of different channels with various advertising programs. That is presumably the points we need to know about google adsense.

Regarding the Commission from Google Adsense

The way dilute our commission from the Google Adsense is through two-way choice, ie through checks and western union (wu). Each has advantages and disadvantages. If you choose by check then you need the cost and time is not small, but the benefits you can make cash withdrawals without limit. Later, the check will be sent to your home address approximately 4 weeks after the time limit should be paid a commission.

Meanwhile, if you make a withdrawal via WESTERN UNION, you only need to cost Rp 6000 stamp when taking your commission. Excess western union is easy and fast. However, the drawbacks that limited their cash withdrawals, a maximum of USD $ 8,000 you can make withdrawals from adsense commissions adsense balance when you have $100 minimum. Similarly, an article about google adsense.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Profit Margin Continues to Decline Post-Release Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The year 2012 seems to be the best year of Samsung; after successfully making the Galaxy S3 as the best-selling smartphone in the world, a new report from the analysts also indicated that it was the last year where Samsung was able to print with the highest profit margin.

As you have read in various articles technology lately; besides having to compete hard against their old enemies, namely Apple, Samsung is now also busy fighting the new vendors from China and India continue to enjoy increasing popularity in their respective countries. No kidding, stock inventory of unsold phones directly accumulate and make Samsung suffers a decrease in the level of net profit up 20 percent in the last quarter.

Now analysts warned investors that the income level of Samsung's mobile phone business is likely to continue to decline in the near future. From their data, the analysts noted that the highest level of profit margin achieved when they released the Samsung Galaxy Note at the end of 2012.

Mark Newman of Bernstein Research said that the earnings peak was evident in the first quarter of 2013 in which the print division of Samsung smartphones reached 25 percent profit margin. However, 1.5 years after the achievement, its margins fell to 19 percent at present, and predicted to continue to decline to 15 percent by next year.

Analysts argue that the possibility to see flexible displays based products capable of generating Samsung looks very thin. But with the support of a very wide sales network, the Samsung still has a chance to turn things around, that is by pursuing a strategy to offset the price war invasion of Chinese products cheap smartphone.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Flappy Bird Return to Multiplayer Mode

As was reported earlier, in an interview with CNBC news sites, Dong Nguyen had claimed would revive phenomenal game Flappy Bird. Mobile game developer from Vietnam was even asserted its release time, ie in the month of August 2014.

It turns out that what is disclosed Nguyen is not nonsense. Flappy Bird Now it has totally comes back. But wait, there are a few things you need to know.

First, Gamespot page on Monday (08/04/2014), reported that the latest version Flappy Bird comes with Flappy Bird Family name and for the moment only available in the Amazon app store Fire TV. Flappy Bird familly can be played using a game console or on Amazon Amazon using the TV remote.

Secondly, Flappy Bird This latest version comes with several new features. In the sector of gameplay, if previously only hinder the green pipe, it now appears a new hurdle in the form of a ghost roaming that should be avoided. Then there are also personilasasi character features and player profiles.

And lastly and most importantly, Nguyen clearly explains that Flappy Bird familly will not 'seadiktif' previous versions. A user review that appeared in the Amazon app store also confirm the statement by writing, "Games are not addictive as the previous version, and for that I am grateful!"

Previous Flappy Bird are present in Android and iOS users could make a scene, as well as the world of mobile gaming industry. How not, a simple mobile game that reportedly managed to reap profits reached $ 50 thousand per day.

But in February 2014 yesterday, Nguyen Flappy Bird decided to withdraw from circulation because it is not considered appropriate to its original mission as an application developer.

Through The Latest Software Updates, Mobile Messaging at MIUI Xiaomi Cloud So Optional Features

Xiaomi lightning success that can get rid of various other companies to occupy the position as the largest smartphone vendor in the world to-5 clearly made ​​many curious. Their ability to release a flagship-class products but at a price far below the average of the various parties have made speculated that Xiaomi has staked user's personal data and upload it to the server Xiaomi, without the user's knowledge.

Given some time ago there was a product of lower-priced clones Galaxy S4 yet been equipped with a built-in malware to steal personal user data, it is understandable if the other users worry about Xiaomi if a similar practice is not it?

To respond to this, Xiaomi has finally released a software update in response to the concerns of the users. Through this update, users are no longer forced to have to use messaging services Mi Cloud by default:

"Given our priorities during this adalam protect data and user privacy, so we decided to make the Cloud services MIUI Messaging an optional service and can no longer be activated automatically when the user activates his mobile phone," - Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is currently located at the moment which is very important for their growth, in line with its efforts to enter new markets in developing countries. After being criticized because they are considered misleading advertising customers, the decision to change the system Xiaomi MIUI activation in Cloud Messaging is believed to reduce the fears of prospective customers who previously were not sure of the Xiaomi products.

Snipp3t: Application To Follow Celebrities Recent Developments (Special iOS)

That the iOS platform is known as a preferred platform by developers is not a secret anymore, but have you ever thought that the company like Microsoft is so proud of Windows Phone platform of their own making even released an app for iOS first rather than Windows Phone?

It just happened last weekend; Microsoft has just released an iOS app called Snipp3t (read snippets), an application that will allow you to subscribe to all the latest information about your favorite celebrity. Once you determine which artist you want to follow, then you will be presented with a row of headlines as well as various social media feeds for the artist.

To increase the level of interaction, Microsoft added a comments feature so that the user can also express an opinion about the activity of the artist while listening to the opinions of other fans.

This application is basically an extension of the Bing search app; ordinary users can search like when accessing Bing search, or subscribe via which the user is prompted to log in using your Facebook account. If you log in with a Facebook account, you will also be able to connect with other fans who log in through Facebook.

Snipp3t compatible with iOS 7 and above, although more optimal when accessed via the iPhone 5 If you are interested, just download the application via the App Store.

Sightings Retail Box Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If yesterday circulated a leaked photo of iPhone 6 along with retail boxnya, now you can peep what kind of box packaging of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a few weeks before this latest phablet will be announced at the IFA event on 3rd September.

Site PhoneArena just got leaked from an anonymous tipster. As you can see, the Galaxy Note 4 retail box looks different from the other Galaxy series device that carries the recycle and eco-friendly style.

Box Galaxy Note 4 has a metallic pattern, describes the possibility of the material used on the Galaxy Note 4. But it could be this is just a new style for the retail box. What is also quite interesting is the picture Galaxy Note 4 to the box with the new wallpaper and on September 15, shown on the screen.

During a press render of the Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 3 shows the date of the announcement. Could this also applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or is this just the work of Photoshop?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tutorial Membuat Most Comment di Blogger

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb. - pada post ketiga ini ane kasih tutorial lagi tentang blogger untuk menarik tampilan blogger aja seh yaitu "Tutorial Membuat Most Comment di Blogger" pasti banyak yang bertanya apa seh gunanya Most Comment? Most Commant di gunakan untuk mengetahui banyaknya comment yang ada per post tapi ini cuman di batesi beberapa post aja kalo semua post nanti pasti panjang dah ampek bawah hehehe :D langsung aja ya tanpa banyak ngomong anenya nanti jadi laper :D kan ini masih puasa :D, ane kasih contoh ganmbarnya bisa di lihat di bawah ini gan

Tutorial :
  • Login
  • Kemudian masuk ke menu layout
  • Klik Add a Gadget
  • Kemudian scroll ke bawah cari HTML/JavaScript
  • Masukkan semua script di bawah ini :
<style type="text/css" scoped>
#most-commented ul,#most-commented li{margin:0;padding:0;list-style:none;color:black;font-family: 'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-weight:bold;font-size:14px}
#most-commented ul li{position:relative;overflow:hidden;background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #ffffff 0%, #f6f6f6 47%, #f5edf5 100%);border:1px solid #DFDFDF;margin:0 0 10px 0!important;padding:5px 5px 5px 45px;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis;overflow:hidden}
#most-commented ul li a{color:#666;text-shadow:0px 1px 0px #fff;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;}
#most-commented ul li:hover{background: #F9F9F9;}
.bubble-most{position:absolute;left:0;top:0;width:40px;height:100%;margin:0;padding:5px 0;background-color:#333;color:#fff!important;text-align:center;}
<div id="most-commented"></div>
<script type"text/javascript">
// Most Commented Widget For Blogger by Kang Mousir//
var numPosts=7;//Jumlah artikel yang ingin ditampilkan
var homePage="";//URL blog

var postTitlear=new Array();
var postUrlar=new Array();
var postCommentar=new Array();
var totalpost;document.write('<div id="most-commented"><ul>');
function mostComment(j){var a=j.feed.entry.length;totalpost=a;
for(var f=0;f<a;f++){
var h=j.feed.entry[f];
var c=h.title.$t;var b;
var g;if(f==j.feed.entry.length){break}
for(var d=0;d<;d++){
for(var d=0;d<;d++){
if([d].rel=="replies"&&[d].type=="text/html"){[d].title.split(" ")[0];}};
for(var f=0;f<numPosts;f++){var e='<li><span class="bubble-most">'+postCommentar[f]+'</span><a href="'+postUrlar[f]+'" title="'+postTitlear[f]+'" target="_blank">'+postTitlear[f]+'</a>';
function sortPosts(){function c(d,f){var e=postTitlear[d];
var e=postUrlar[d];
var e=postCommentar[d];
for(var b=0;b<postTitlear.length-1;b++){
for(var a=b+1;a<postTitlear.length;a++){
document.write('<script src="http://'+homePage+'/feeds/posts/default?max-results=9999&orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=mostComment"><\/script>');
NB : Text yang ane kasih warna merah ganti sesuai keinginan anda
       var numPosts=7;//Jumlah artikel yang ingin ditampilkan
       var homePage="";//URL blog
  • Kemudian Save
  • Preview
  • Finish
Nah tutorialnya sudah selesai semoga dengan tutorial yang sedikit ini bisa bermanfaat. jika ada pertanyaan silahkan langsung coment di bawah ini aja gan. terimakasih
Wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb. 

Kredit Code : Kang Mousir

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tutorial untuk Mengaktifkan OpenID yang Belum Terverifikasi

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb. - Posting kedua ane yaitu membahas tentang tutorial blogger yang berjudul "Tutorial untuk Mengaktifkan OpenID yang Belum Terverifikasi" OpenID di gunakan agar kita mendapatkan backlink pada saat berkomentar, Pernahkah Anda mendapatkan peringatan seperti itu ketika berkomentar menggunkan OpenID? Kalau Anda nyasar ke blog saya kata kunci  Kredensial OpenID Anda tidak dapat diverifikasi, saya yakin saat ini Anda sedang mengalaminya :) Nah disini saya akan membagikan trik agar bisa berkomentar dengan OpenID

Biasanya, ketika pemilik blog tidak menyediakan fasilitas Anonymous dan Name/URL pada kolom komentar, sementara kiti ingin berkomentar dengan menyertakan link blog kita maka solusinya menggunakan OpenID. Namun yang terjadi kadang-kadang mendapatkan peringatan Kredensial OpenID Anda tidak dapat diverifikasi.

Untuk mengatasi peringatan Kredensial OpenID tidak dapat diverifikasi, ikuti langkah berikut ini :
  • Anda harus login Blogger terlebih dahulu
  • Kemudian masuk ke menu template trus menuju edit HTML
  • Letakkan code di bawah ini tepat di bawah <head>
<link href='' rel='openid.server'/>
<link href='' rel='openid.delegate'/>
Catatan : text yang ane kasih warna merah itu ganti dengan url blog agan
  • Save template
  • Test dengan cara berkomentar blog lain yang menyediakan OpenID
  • Enjoy
Sekian tutorial dari ane semoga dengan tutorial yang sedikit ini bisa bermanfaat untuk semua para blogger, Salam Sukses selalu buat Blogger Indonesia

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Posting Pertama Blog Pain Space

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb. - ini adalah postingan pertama ane, blog ini ane dapet dari grup facebook yang baik hati share blog zombie yah lumayanlah meskipun pagerank 0 tapi udah ber back link, semoga dengan adanya blog ini bisa menambah wawasan anda dan jika ada kekeliruan di ane tolong di ingatkan karena ane disini jg masih newbie di dunia perblogger'an  dan semoga trafik blogger tiap harinya naik terus amiinn :).

Perkenalkan ane yang punya blog ini :
  • Nama : Ali Maghfur
  • TTL : Madiun, 07 November 1996
  • Sekolah : SMKN 1 Geger
  • Hobi : Seringnya main di dunia maya dan di dunia perblogger'an
Blog yang ane kelola sampai sekarang :
Semoga di postingan pertama ane ini yang original bisa cepat keindex oleh search engine google dan menjadi page one amin :)
Sekian dari ane kurang lebihnya ane minta maaf dan sukses di dunia Blogger :)
Wassalamu'alakum wr. wb.