Monday, 11 August 2014

Flappy Bird Return to Multiplayer Mode

As was reported earlier, in an interview with CNBC news sites, Dong Nguyen had claimed would revive phenomenal game Flappy Bird. Mobile game developer from Vietnam was even asserted its release time, ie in the month of August 2014.

It turns out that what is disclosed Nguyen is not nonsense. Flappy Bird Now it has totally comes back. But wait, there are a few things you need to know.

First, Gamespot page on Monday (08/04/2014), reported that the latest version Flappy Bird comes with Flappy Bird Family name and for the moment only available in the Amazon app store Fire TV. Flappy Bird familly can be played using a game console or on Amazon Amazon using the TV remote.

Secondly, Flappy Bird This latest version comes with several new features. In the sector of gameplay, if previously only hinder the green pipe, it now appears a new hurdle in the form of a ghost roaming that should be avoided. Then there are also personilasasi character features and player profiles.

And lastly and most importantly, Nguyen clearly explains that Flappy Bird familly will not 'seadiktif' previous versions. A user review that appeared in the Amazon app store also confirm the statement by writing, "Games are not addictive as the previous version, and for that I am grateful!"

Previous Flappy Bird are present in Android and iOS users could make a scene, as well as the world of mobile gaming industry. How not, a simple mobile game that reportedly managed to reap profits reached $ 50 thousand per day.

But in February 2014 yesterday, Nguyen Flappy Bird decided to withdraw from circulation because it is not considered appropriate to its original mission as an application developer.

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