Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 health benefits of waking up early

There are many people who work at night and do not get used up early. Though waking up early to have some distinct benefits, especially for health. Here are some of the benefits of waking up in the morning, as reported by Inspyr.
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1. Make people more successful
A study conducted in 2008 in texas University found that students who frequently wake up in the morning to have a higher value on their GPA than the student who likes to stay up late and rarely get up early.

2. People who get up early happier
Happy here does not mean feeling happy within 15 minutes after waking in the morning, it makes you feel happier mood in general every day. Research shows that older people tend to be happier than younger children because they are more likely to wake up early. While young children and adults who often work and play late into the night, and often wake up in the morning to have a worse mood every day.

3. Having a body that is healthy and fit
Wake up in the morning to make people more eager to exercise and breathe fresh air. Of course, this makes their bodies more fit and healthy. Most successful people have a habit of getting up early. Sports and breath of fresh air in the morning can improve your mood and give you energy to move.

4. more productive
Wake up early to make a person more productive. this is because the people who get up early to have time to prepare the work, while others are still asleep. They have a good time and silence are used to concentrate. A study conducted by a professor of biology at the University of Education in heidelberg found that people who wake up in the morning to have more energy.

5. Creating mentally healthy and positive
People who get up early to have a better mood and more optimistic mental. They are also easier to feel satisfied. Meanwhile, people who used to get up at night and sleep in the morning, although associated with intelligence and creativity, tend to have a negative mood such as feeling depressed and pessimistic.

Of course, not everyone can wake up the morning. It could be the work force of people wake up to the night and sleep in the morning. But if you want to get the benefits of the above, you should start to get used to getting up early, or at least took time to get up in the morning

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