Monday, 11 August 2014

Snipp3t: Application To Follow Celebrities Recent Developments (Special iOS)

That the iOS platform is known as a preferred platform by developers is not a secret anymore, but have you ever thought that the company like Microsoft is so proud of Windows Phone platform of their own making even released an app for iOS first rather than Windows Phone?

It just happened last weekend; Microsoft has just released an iOS app called Snipp3t (read snippets), an application that will allow you to subscribe to all the latest information about your favorite celebrity. Once you determine which artist you want to follow, then you will be presented with a row of headlines as well as various social media feeds for the artist.

To increase the level of interaction, Microsoft added a comments feature so that the user can also express an opinion about the activity of the artist while listening to the opinions of other fans.

This application is basically an extension of the Bing search app; ordinary users can search like when accessing Bing search, or subscribe via which the user is prompted to log in using your Facebook account. If you log in with a Facebook account, you will also be able to connect with other fans who log in through Facebook.

Snipp3t compatible with iOS 7 and above, although more optimal when accessed via the iPhone 5 If you are interested, just download the application via the App Store.

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